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Chapter XXV: Fascinations, Invisibility, Levitation, Transmutations, "Kinks in Time"
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form letters). Then quite slowly the entire room filled with a thick yellow light (deep golden, but not brilliant. I mean not dazzling, but soft.) Fra. P. Looked like a ... rliest films did. Possibly more work, after more skill had come to me, might have done the whole trick. But I did not p... it seems as though that unconsciousness were in some way contagious. The people around you just can't see anybody. At one time, in Sicily, this happened nearly every day. Our p
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Chapter I: What is Magick?
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**3. Every failure proves that one or more requirements of the postulate have not been fulfilled.** (//Illustrations//: There may be failure to... fe is ignorance of one's own True Will, or of the means by which to fulfill that Will. A man may fancy himself a painter, and... dynamos. The vibrations of the air may be used to kill men by so ordering them in speech as to inflame war-like passions. The hallucinations connected w... uardedly utters a chosen word. He may serve the same purpose by resolving that every incident of his l
Chapter XII: The Left-Hand Path—"The Black Brothers"
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rg St. Germain aristocracy—now hardly even a sentimental memory. The guillotine did not kill them; it was their own refusal to adapt themselve... her deserts his Angel when he realises the Programme. Perhaps his error was so deeply rooted, from th... soul of Illusion? Refusing thus the true nourishment of all his faculties, they lose their structura... preservation. Thus all its chemical equations become endothermic. I do hope I am making myself clear;
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collective hysteria and superstition and wish fulfillment and the rest of the current tomfool jargon, are... s egomaniac vanity that prompts disbelief in phenomena merely because they lie outside the infinitesimally minute pilule of one's own personal experience.... crossed the Burma-China frontier for the first time, who should I meet but our Consul at Tengyueh, th
Chapter VIII: The Three Schools of Magick (3)
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ictims with a poison which paralyzes them without killing them, so that her own young may find fresh meat. And this is what is going to happen in Europe and America unless some- thing is done about it, and done in very short order. ---- ***** Note. This passa... . The Master Therion arose and smote him. What seemed a menace is now hardly even a memory. ---- Th
Chapter L: A.C. and the "Masters"; Why they Chose him, etc.
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hey are accordingly nipped in the bud.  All Parliamentary requirements thus fulfilled according to the famous formula of the Irish M.... have done with it! My theory is that They chose me for (//a//) my literary skill, knowledge and judgment; (//b//) my scientific training; (//c//) my familiarity with Eastern ways, ha... and (//g//) my Karma as aforesaid. They prepared me by (//a//) pushing me rapidly forward both in Mag
Chapter XXIX: What is Certainty?
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Doubt even if thou doubtest all. It seems sometimes as if beneath all conscious doubt there lay some deepest certainty. O kill it! slay the snake! The horn of the Doubt-Goat b... ere was rioting in Shanghai, seventeen Sikh policemen killed.  For all we knew the whole country might rise ... press our devotion to Nuit, which multiply the fulfillments of our possibilities, become continually more efficacious, and more closely bo... r Formula of Initiation; and we progressively become aware of deeper and vaster Images of the of-all-T
Chapter II: The Necessity of Magick for All
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eek to restore the machine to free spontaneous fulfillment of its function. But this is only part of the ... n ignorance of what we ought to will, or lack of skill in adapting our means to the right end, then we set up a conflict in... d enjoy itself through realizing itself in the fulfillment of all possibilities.  All such phenomena or "point-events" are equally "illusion"; Nothi... projection of Nothing on this screen of the phenomenal does not only explain, but constitutes, the Un