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A Masonic Glossary of the Gnostic Mass
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mass of mineral wealth existing in the earlier times of the world, and the consequent perfection of metallurgical skill in those days. For without a knowledge of the treatment of metals, all this bounteous provision of rich and gorgeous matter would have remained as mere dross in the bowels of the earth, or distribute
The Moon under Her Feet
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assassinated famous French vivisectors by occult means. She wrote in her diary, “The will can and does kill … I have killed Paul Bert, as I killed Claude Bernard; as I will kill Louis Pasteur….” In addition to //The Perfect Way//, Kingsford wrote ... erfect Way in Diet// (a translation of her French medical dissertation on vegetarianism), //The Credo
A Magick Rosary
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am the strength, force, vigour, of your arms. \\ Mercy let be off: damn them who pity! Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them! \\ That ste... through \\ To stir me or still me! \\ Aum! let it fill me! The light is mine; its rays consume \\ Me: I have made a secret door \\ Into the House of Ra and Tum, \\ Of Khephra and of Ahathoor. \\ I
Conditions for Eucharistic Magick
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chastity of the Church's eucharistic mystery. But members of the laity, and even skilled magicians who are not formally affiliated with ... the categories defined by those theories. The fulfillment of the three foregoing conditions do not guaran... pire, fortify, and fructify our magicks, in the name of IAO. //Love is the law, love under will.// ---- [[sacram.htm#mass|Cardinal Sacraments: The Eucharist of the Gnostic Mass]]\\ [[|]][[
An Astral Account of the Gnostic Mass
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the Law. {{:eumag.gif?158x236}}The following document describes some of my personal hallucinations as a priest and a congregant in the course of working ... se hallucinations are in the main creative, and some reflect aesthetic inspiration, while others resul... nces. In discussions with fellow clergy, I have sometimes encountered the opinion that it is imprudent
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which follows details the procedure for an instrumental sacrament performed by clergy to confer a durable consecration on a bell for use in Church ceremonies. Given ... rdinary hallowing” below, the HALLOWER may be any member of the clergy under orders, and the ASSISTANT
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ct, and the ritualists as its subject? Here are some suggestions about the more conspicuous lexical options: **To perform** – Some people find this verb troubling because of its mo... association with theatrical and musical entertainment. And it is indeed worth pointing out that the M... . Attendees at the Mass are participants, and not mere spectators. But the general denotations of perf
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s clothed in purple. It is set with a lit candle; filled cup of water; paten bearing a single grape, a m... hey take the following places in a qabalistic scheme: * The dagger has its handle to the right, and... he path of //daleth//, crossed by the path of //gimel//. * The cup represents the sephirah //Gedulah... eefold love from on high.”)// Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury:\\ Which is master of the three? Salt is La