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The Shotgun Approach
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books, along with Hurlbut’s Storybook Bible, were filled with bizarre and wonderful illustrations that inspired me in the 1980’s to write and illustrate stories via... Texas. We traveled all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico. I was raised in the Methodist church in Seneca, Kansas where I had many interesting mystical exp... he regular church services and would wake up in some anteroom, either sitting or lying down as a worri
On The Mysteries of Mithras
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.” Perseus was popularly worshipped in Cilicia, home to the pirates described by Plutarch. In myth, Perseus kills the Gorgon and similarly, as we have seen, Mithras kills the bull. The astral adaptation is a metaphor for the precession of the equinoxes signali... ies Mithras as Cosmic Alchemist. In this role, he kills, or “fixes” the constellation of Taurus, the springtime of the year when the dew is full of Fire symboliz... odwin, Mystery Religions in the Ancient World. Thames & Hudson, London, 1981, p 98.)) However, initia