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The Dancing Faun
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y love turns sick;’ I get to hate you for causing me such pain. I feel as if I could kill you sometimes, to put an end to it, once for all.... he must cultivate them. Because I have acquired some skill in the marshalling of events, I don’t see that yo... do nothing to stop, him coming was a thought that filled her with exultation. He was getting nearer and nearer every moment; and what was more, she was to have a letter fr... ed the thought of it. I can’t think how he ever came to kill himself.’ ‘Well, it is unfortunate that the only
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thought and pierced my heart to find its secret home? (//Dreamily//) I stood naked in a dark and bleak eternity and filled it with my exultation. Past. Master, we wait f... erers for harvest, thirsters after life? Past. Come away from this dreadful place. See, see, great master, how it has killed this child; he was so full of joy and life. Pr... in Being. The Gods may labour in the fields of Time but I remain. The ten winds may sweep through Spa... in it. Future (//kneels in a rapture//). Oh let me die, and live in you alone! Present. Where I am
The Savage, The Barbarian, The Civilized @farr:modern-woman
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n, watching in her lair, instinctive and ready to kill. Her hatred of government marking her as the free barbarian. The Parisia... st five minutes, and the //entr’actes// for any time you like.” If it filled the whole of life it would only mean that life would be as short as that of the ephemeral winged, creatures of the insect world. Family