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The Virgin
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masters the grey snake.\\ Awake, O Love! and let me drink my fill\\ Of thee – and thou of me!((Why Jesus Wept, vol.... d Love!((Tannhäuser, vol. i. p. 239.)) </WRAP> “Kill me,” cries Tannhäuser. “In the kiss,” answers Venus... t> Were it not only that the selflessness \\ That fills me now, forbids the personal, \\ Casts out the indiv
The Looking-Glass
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t he has struck a sonorous note from the rim of Time, fulfilled of the knowledge of good and evil, sweet to the... f those who are born children by the daughters of men to the sons of God, sweet as that mystic fruit w... glances at the magnificent scenery that these volumes offer up to us, plucking the lilies of spring and the roses of summer, and weave them into a laureate wreath with the