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Musical Alchemy: the Work of Composer and Listener
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ch a call is that he will possess the double endowment of skill and memory. Not without reason was Mnemosyne, God... s, meaning those abundantly endowed with both the memory of the realm of Ideas and the skill to embody that memory. Theirs is the privilege to... oned above. This is the kind of creativity that comes from the composer’s ego and skill alone, hence subject to his own psychological mak... hares in his personality, for better or worse, by means of responses that again fall into the three ma
Tolkien and the Primordial Tradition
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as recognized as a vehicle for the symbolic embodiment of archetypal truths, which human skill could then imprint upon humble matter in word pic... They introduced corn and wine, taught crafts and skills, and their new subjects revered the memory of the tall Sea-kings, and when they had depa... coming respectively to the Himalayas, Egypt, and Mexico, brought such gifts to the inhabitants and were later deified in popular memory. The corruption of the Numenoreans is descri