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The Dangers of Occultism
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miracles worked both ways; for, the best kind of medicine for effecting a cure may, if misapplied, also become a poison that kills, and the two, great enemies of mankind, stupidit... eir leaders, they too were the outgrowth of our times, the products of the law of necessity, and they had to fill a certain place in the progress of human evolutio... said that as soon as I looked at that letter I immediately recognized it as coming from a Mahatma; that my eyes were filled with tears of emotion (!) and that I recommended the strictest obedience. The fact was that the wri
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ncarnation; because, upon visiting that country some years ago, the lakes of Killarney and many other places seemed very familiar t... he cause of such things. I had no doubt that in some cases, especially in those of suicides or sudden deaths, the souls of the killed, being still bound to earth by their own unfulf... esence. His influence pervaded my whole being and filled me with a sensation of indescribable bliss which las... ed for several days. This power, awakening within me a higher state of consciousness made me feel on s