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The Glass Bead Game and its variants
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====== The Glass Bead Game and its variants ====== \\ This piece offers a brief overview of a variety... attempts to create playable variants on Hesse's Game, with special emphasis on the different aspects o... seem to be the strengths of each. ==== Charles Cameron ==== ---- \\ ===== Hesse's Game ===== There are now quite a few people designing playable va
Origins of the HipBone Games
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ome to grips with, the yearning that my HipBone Games were originally devised to fill...\\   ===== Responses: the four contributing st... ===== Then there are four other strands which come together to "respond" to that perceived need, and... e the process of problem solving by writing the name of a problem in a little balloon and then throwin... day on little trails of their own "not a poem" "something practical" and attached to that "vacuum clea
Second Grade
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dents whether they notice anything else about the filled-in board. Students are likely to notice that some of the items in different positions are linked --... lso supply some, with appropriate explanations. Some of the trickier links: salt is used to clear snow-filled roads, there are whitecaps in the ocean, pepper... and so on... And so forth... ---- **Charles Cameron** With thanks and acknowledgment to Ken Cowan for help in Educational Game development.