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Historicus Verus
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ncluded to further credit the claim that Jesus fulfills the prophecy in the Hebrew Bible of the coming of the Messiah. 28. The various acts and feats of Jesus, depicted in the New Testament are akin to those of many other magicians during the time, and are similar to the feats of Moses. Jesus is ... abilities; he does not perform them for his own fame but for the sake of others. The phrase “Son of G
Getting Started In The Western Mystery Tradition
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ne's search for just the right Order for their fulfillment, these differences are a real boon. In your fir... are "crooked" or unbalanced is to foster these same qualities in yourself and kill any Light you have gained up 'til now. When we en... are expecting some kind of vague blurry "enlightenment", then that is what the outcome of your work will be. If that is fulfilling to your own Higher Soul then that will be ok. ... eds more than a vague warm fuzzy feeling to be fulfilled. Look at your life. Look at what you feel your
Historicus Mythologicus
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gies scattered, though not dispersed. 64. For a time a void was left, and this void was to be filled in the visions of Aleister Crowley, who was at one point a member of the fallen Order. In Cairo, in the year of 1904, Crowley received from metaphysical sources a Book of the Law and the Word