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Live and Let Die: Fear of a Voodoo Planet
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nswers other than the ones that I personally find meaningful and which have enabled me to develop a fulfilling and empowering magical practice – and these ar... a very similar situation, except at the two extremes – there is no written material regarding Voodoo, and so fantasy fills the gap; whereas there is a shit load of written... at the Falsehood thereof may enslave the souls of men. Let Him then utter that without Fear, that the Law may be fulfilled. Damn right. And seeing as no one else is both... ‘branch’ on the Tree of Life is required, like some kind of RPG with levels to be ‘completed,’ is jus
A Grand Hotel on the Hudson
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owned about 16 acres of practically worthless landfill on Lower Manhattan’s West Side – the site to be chosen at a later time for the ill-fated World Trade Center. Only in a ... Second Avenue and 52nd Street. I go through the same routine of explaining myself and my patent lack of salable architectural skills, expecting the same brush off. But instead, they... f the piles of program notes and said: “Well boys fill-er-up.” Some wag at the other end of the table piped up with: ... Memorial must not be used for any world trade commercial activities. From the start, the World Trade Center failed to fulfill its stated mission as being the business nexus fo
Join My Cult! - The Truth Behind the Story
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akes them both useful to the group and feeling fulfilled, at the same time. This “hive mind” philosophy had practical rammi... e, as I started exploring this idea through experiments, I discovered that people in this culture valu... , it is relatively easy to get a very well cooked meal, a comfortable bed, or a professional back mass... ourse if this is abused and not reciprocated by some other service, the utility of this network dwindl
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ay rejected claims that DNA evidence clears three men convicted of killing three 8-year-old boys in 1993 and denied their... 7:19:40 “Lots of people think verbal self-defense means fighting back. Their image of verbal self-defense is a collection of killer smart cracks plus strategies for using language... 008-09-04 21:29:06 Up until a few days before the killing, Li held a part- time job delivering newspapers in Edmonton. He was wel... ssue of Wired is dedicated to intelligence enhancement - and it’s filled with interesting articles and tips. Wired: Get
Sizing Up Your Magical Practice
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’s surfed on in on the back of your Reiki 1 attunement and yet you are constantly down with flu and killing your pot-plants, you may have a problem somewhere. There are various things that could have gone w... ufficient devotion in the obvious sense: making time for your Gods, giving appropriate gifts, performi... nces may be a sign that things are going right. Some entities will provoke strife and difficulty in yo
Antero Alli Interview
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mmitment and self-motivation to realize such a promethean enterprise. The bottom four survival circuits, once integrated as fulfilled needs, act as anchors to stabilize the shocking... symbolize a kind of hierarchy of needs that, when met and fulfilled, nurture the development of a unique personalit... justified by our proven, and unproven, talents, skills and/or means of employment, i.e., since I read astrology charts for a livi... rsonality develops and matures. As we learn to fulfill our personal security, status, intellectual and social needs we become more well-rounded as personalities and, we can ea
Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning Prologue
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ngly disembodied hand. The sweet pork and sulfur smell of burnt flesh filled the room with the growing light, revealing shel... m what was going on. //Distraction was a unique skill she’d developed, fermented like a fine wine.// "Excuse me," Agent 79 sa... ee. Or the top of a trailer. Sometimes they’d let me out in the yard, though only on a chain. Then my – I mean uh, Agatha– killed my Dad with a cleaver and made sausages out’ve ... er. She didn’t recall falling asleep, and for a moment struggled against the restraint of the seatbelt