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Faith @kimbell:essays
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the name of action. Was he never faced with a moment of choice: To live or die, to kill or no? Without this choice, to make something sacred or profane, how could he find it within himself ... As he said: > “...for it is not what happens to me that makes me great but what I do...” and “anything that can be great only at a distance, that someon
TMI or Karma Yoga: A Fool’s Journey @kimbell:essays
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receive... Sometimes gratitude and appreciation came, sometimes it did not, and when it did not I was devastated and became filled with resentment toward my brethren. It was horr... l fruition. We each have our own backgrounds and skill sets, but we all began our careers in the OTO learning the same fundamentals of Fraternity and Hospitality. > > When one... hope it goes well and everyone has a wonderful time. A lot of wonderful persons have poured their ess... n its own activity, except when actions are performed as worship of God. Therefore you must perform ev
Shared Obligations @kimbell:letters
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ation of the Law should be simplified by training men of uprightness and discretion whose will is to fulfill this function in the community to decide all comp... rinciple of the Law of Thelema, and to award judgement on the basis of the actual restriction caused b... t steps can you take to correct this lapse in judgment? I have a running joke at work: a coworker will mention a non-violent crime they heard about in the
Artemis to Pan @kimbell:poetry
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hs and whores Of Mountainous Wilds\\ Sired on Hermes’ tours, O my goat-footed god,\\ Thine pipes ent... irst notes of your call! \\ By the light in the meadow,\\ Piercing clouds on high See affront, fill my cunt\\ On horn, let fingers fly To the forest of ... e,\\ My master, my priest, By the thrill of the skill\\ Of the Will toward our feast. As I gorge, as I