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y life was a tragedy waiting to end and now it is filled with light and happiness. For me it began in a gas station. It began with love. My... ind as one cleans their proverbial house of lifetimes of intent. One recalls a multitude of past life fragments that fill out over time. Illumination is the process of sil... physical water, can be a great carrier of base elements as well as intent. To practice this exercise begin by filling a glass of water and set your focus on it. Usi... evoke image with the finger associated to the element. Place this image within the center of your foc
Distilled Kabbalah
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usness is Chaya, which is referred to as enlightenment or illumination. Illumination is my preferred term. When you become filled with inner light, the journey is not at an end,... those that surround them. Here the inner guru becomes the teacher. While knowledge may be obtained in ... ys, the greatest and most useful knowledge will come from within. The Tree of Life also expresses the... of this work or not, it nevertheless persists. Sometimes it is present in conscious thought, other ti