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The Gnostic Mass with Annotations and Commentary
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====== The Gnostic Mass with Annotations and Commentary ====== **The Gnostic Mass with [[gmnotes#credits|Annotations and Commentary]] by Helena and Tau Apiryon** Copyright © 1... ientis\\ All Rights Reserved. No part of this document may be duplicated in any form; electronic or ot... er Crowley; edited, annotated and introduced by Hymenaeus Beta; Second Revised Edition, Samuel Weiser,
The Role and Function of Thelemic Clergy in Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
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ce of all the "saints of the true church of old time," whose mingled Blood fills the Cup of Babalon. Upon this succession we may ... aken the //egregore// of the True Church of Old Time upon the Earth. ==== Priesthood and Gnosis ==== ... transcendent realm by each individual Gnostic. Some modern writers have gone so far as to opine that ... efusal of the Gnostics to accept the concept of a mediatory priesthood. There were, of course, many ot
On the Nature of the True Will
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one's "True Self." One should not try to force some static purpose upon one's being, but to allow one's being to fulfill its dynamic nature. Many people think that makin... s being; one which begins "It is my True Will to (fill in the blank)." One may feel a great sense of achievement at first, only to experience later a sense of s... not "Summarize one's True Will in a written statement of 11 words or less" but "Find the formula of t... rue Will to the point of concise, specific, one-time expression, because it is dynamic and encompasses
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oroughly enjoying it, asked for more. Odysseus fulfilled his request several times. Polyphêmos was so pleased with the wine, that h... would be the last to be devoured, and asked his name. Odysseus replied "I am No-man" (in Greek "oud-eis," a pun on the name Odysseus). Polyphêmos sank into a drunken stupor. Odysseus and his men heated the end of the sharpened stake in the fir
Observations on Liber OZ
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tural right will result in success, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, or any other "positive" outcome.\\ 3. Liber Oz does not free us from our obliga... ying, or failure to live up to our promises, agreements and responsibilities.\\ With these caveats i... When necessary, fight for your rights, and for the rights of all men and women.\\ - //Sabazius//\\
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of his brother's return. After all had had their fill of drink, Set produced the richly ornamented sarcophagus, and offered possession of it to ... n as he had laid down in the sarcophagus, Set slammed the lid shut, locked it, and with the assistance... in the Nile, which carried it away. Set then claimed the throne of Egypt. After a lengthy search, Is... Horus availed in the end; but as he was about to kill his enemy, Isis intervened and allowed Set to esc