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The Logomachy of Zos
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ld be careful of our embellishments. One thought fills vacuity, two would become actuality and infinite complexity. Passion has n... k around! Could I be so inconceivably credulous? Memories resurrected from our sublated selves filled with their experiences are never-ending: Knowledge has a time-lag. By our spunklessness we suffer, and half-fe... r you, is always devious and dangerous. We often kill ourselves by self-poisoning: Fate follows swiftly
Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus
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nally exacted as a sacrifice fee. Apart from her skill in divining, she was the only person Spare ever met who could materialize thoughts to visible appear... eyes, blinking in an idiot face which suddenly seemed to fill all space. As it grew in size the couple panicked... image began to wane and disappear the urn was hermetically sealed and buried in a casket filled with earth, or in the ground itself. Spare mai... red to him as a syren equipped with all the allurements of sex-appeal, an image that fulfilled his penchant for full voluptuous contours. How
The Zoëtic Grimoire of Zos
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nforced consummation for almost unlimited wish-fulfillment by lengthy voluntary abstinence, repression and... any combinations there are you will always find some of unique and baffling meaning, and this is where the actual skill of the operator comes in. The solving of the problem(s) will be found far more interesting than any crossword puzzle. Imaginative methods help. A simple illustration: One card means
The Book of Pleasure (self-love)
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of faith in a friend, or an union that did not fulfill expectations.)). Verily disappointment is his chance. "This free entity of belief" and... at" desire once the Ego has wished: and should be filled with an affected ambition for something different, not vice-versa, the inevitable pe... elieves by Sigils, is the truth, and is always fulfilled. This system of Sigils is believed by taking it up as a hobby at a time of great disappointment or sorrow. By Sigils I have endowed fools with wisdom, made the wise fools, g
Anathema of Zos The Sermon to the Hypocrites
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g. It has been said without wit: “Thou shalt not kill.” Among beasts man lives supremely-on his own kind. Teeth and claws are no longer ... elieve **symbolically** or with caution. Between men and women having that desire there is no adultery. Spend the large lust and when ye are satiated ye shall pass on to something fresh. In this polite day it has become clea