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Additional Notes on The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
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ory banishing, or cleansing ritual, done prior to meditation or other ritual work, for the increase in... e for an increased awareness of the individual Elemental energies present. While the banishing mode o... months on a regular basis (anywhere from three times a week to three times a day), after this period of probation and learning the mechanics as well as s
Commentary on Zodiacal Magic
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====== Commentary on Zodiacal Magic ====== ===== By Mark Stavish, M.A., FRC, SI ===== ==== for:  The... al that an aspiring magician can undertake.  The skills needed to perform the rituals smoothly and consciously, aware of the inner as well as outer meanings of the symbols used, represents almost half... cade or more of study in many instances.  While some may pursue the application of magic at a more rap