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[8], and a seventh part which was twenty-seven times the first [27]. After this he filled up the double intervals [i.e. between 1, 2, 4, ... nd of 9/8, made by the connecting terms in the former intervals, he filled up all the intervals of 4/3 with the interval o... omes round to that place from whence the breath came forth, and enters in there, and following the breath, fills up the vacant space; and this goes on like the r... received animals, mortal and immortal, and is fulfilled with them, and has become a visible animal containing the visible-the sensi
Symposium by Plato
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ege of reclining at your side! For you would have filled me full with a stream of wisdom plenteous and fair; ... tion and wisdom, when the two laws of love are fulfilled and meet in one-then, and then only, may the beloved yie... d bids the sufferer sleep. This is he who empties men of disaffection and fills them with affection, who makes them to meet together at banquets such as these: in sacrifices, feast
The Seventh Letter
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it out for themselves. As for the rest, it would fill some of them quite illogically with a mistaken feeling... the soul in each particular case whether by statement or the act of showing, fills, one may say, every man with puzzlement and perp... st pleasures; nor is it attained if he goes on to kill the men of substance, whom he speaks of as the enemy, an... vites his confederates and supporters to do the same, with the object that no one shall say that it is