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nct orientation by which each is, or tends to become, what it looks upon. The very fulfillment and perfectionment attainable by souls cannot... any living thing, the soul itself effects the fulfillment of the natural career, stirring and bringing fo... . May we, perhaps, compare it to the science or skill that acts through its appropriate instruments- through a helm, let us say, which should happ... faculty that profits by food, liquid, warmth, movement, or by any relief from overplenty or any filling of a void; all such services touch the body on
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r a part is not self-sufficient, it must pursue something outside itself for its fulfillment, and so it becomes the enemy to what it needs... a new role. The actor, of course, was not really killed; but if dying is but changing a body as the actor changes a costume, or even an exit from the body like the exit of t... perhaps think of actors having the right to add something to the poet's words: the drama as it stands is not perfectly filled in, and they are to supply where the Author has... e the loved thing. But it is first; before it becomes the vehicle of vision, it is itself filled with the sight; it is first, therefore, and not
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product has turned again to its begetter and been filled and has become its contemplator and so an Intellectual-Principle... centre are traced upon us to be our law or we are filled full of the Divine Mind, which again may have become to us a thing seen and felt as a presence. Hence... for its ending; for there never was a void to be filled so that, with the fulness and the attainment of purpose, the sense of sufficiency be induced... on-Principle in humanity. On the other hand any skill which, beginning with the observation of the symmetry of living things, grows to the symmetry of all
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danger. And such desires as are satisfied by the filling or voiding of the body, must be proper to something very different from the Soul, to that only w... eir attaining this Ultimate: the nature in them comes to a halt, having fulfilled its vital course from a beginning to an end. I... ing it to all living things. By sensation can be meant only perception of state, and the state of wel... it. But at this rate the Good is nothing but the mere sensation, the bare activity of the sentient li