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The Theogony of Hesiod
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less father. These fifty daughters sprang from blameless Nereus, skilled in excellent crafts. (ll. 265-269) And Thaumas... d in his heart he thought mischief against mortal men which also was to be fulfilled. With both hands he took up the white fat and w... undless, flowering earth spoil the fair fields of men who dwell below, filling them with dust and cruel uproar. (ll. 881-885... ysaor and bare a son who was the strongest of all men, Geryones, whom mighty Heracles killed in sea-girt Erythea for the sake of his shambli
Chapter 16. Questions Proposed @texts:theurgia
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hing in a genuine manner without deceit and with skill, //Phtha.// The Greeks, however, assume Phtha to be the same as Hephæstos, giving their attention to the Creat... hey were translated from the Egyptian language by men who were skilled in philosophy. But Chæremon [[theurgia.html#ch1... //Exodus xx, 7; Judges// xiii, 18.) "The arcane names fill the whole world" was a theurgic maxim. Proklos also remarks: "There is a sacred name which, with sleepless, dart-like motion, runs thr
Chapter 15. Origin of Egyptian Symbolism @texts:theurgia
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to those, however, of which we have received the skill to interpret the meaning, we possess in the name, the knowledge of the divine essence, power and o... we ally it with the gods. But you ask, "Why of names that are significant, do we place foreign ones b... preserved the law of tradition till the present time inviolate. For whatever else pertains to the gods... tion, it is enough that the concept remains the same, whatever the term may be."// The fact, however,
Chapter 14. Conditions for Successful Results   @texts:theurgia
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r them incessantly, are thrown into agitation and filled with amazement. Hence, I think that it is natural for this cla... aculty of divining. Its body after death was embalmed and deposited in the shrine at Buto, and whoever killed one, even by accident, was punished by death. I... kindred exhibitions at public assemblies, where some powerful influence predominates. Such nervous affections as hysteria and epilepsy are sometimes occasioned in such ways. In the old language
Chapter 9. Demons @texts:theurgia
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distinction of two species of ecstasy or entrancement, of which one causes degeneration to an inferior condition, and fills with imbecility and insanity; but the other impa... d as by the skill of Demiurgus himself. But that skill is employed in the producing of genuine essences, never in the forming of mere spectral figures. Hence, the art of producing i... rred from being with immaculate spirits, they become allied with wicked spirits, and are filled by them with the most pernicious inspiration. T... articipation of benefits among the pure; they are filled from above from the fire of truth, and they have no "impediment" or hindrance to the good things of the soul fr
Chapter 7. Origin of the Art of Divination @texts:theurgia
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ining to it; but on the other hand, not from any skill acquired externally in relation to some part of which may be attempted in every-day life.... an ineffable form of light from without shall permeate the individual who is under control, fill him completely, have absolute dominion over him, ... ncompasses her on every side in a circle, she becomes filled by it with a divine luminance, and when she sit... ] which was first presented by a divinity and becomes filled with the divine luminance, or whether she sits
The Seventh Letter @texts:plato
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it out for themselves. As for the rest, it would fill some of them quite illogically with a mistaken feeling... the soul in each particular case whether by statement or the act of showing, fills, one may say, every man with puzzlement and perp... st pleasures; nor is it attained if he goes on to kill the men of substance, whom he speaks of as the enemy, an... vites his confederates and supporters to do the same, with the object that no one shall say that it is
Symposium by Plato @texts:plato
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ege of reclining at your side! For you would have filled me full with a stream of wisdom plenteous and fair; ... tion and wisdom, when the two laws of love are fulfilled and meet in one-then, and then only, may the beloved yie... d bids the sufferer sleep. This is he who empties men of disaffection and fills them with affection, who makes them to meet together at banquets such as these: in sacrifices, feast
4 @texts:plotinus
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nct orientation by which each is, or tends to become, what it looks upon. The very fulfillment and perfectionment attainable by souls cannot... any living thing, the soul itself effects the fulfillment of the natural career, stirring and bringing fo... . May we, perhaps, compare it to the science or skill that acts through its appropriate instruments- through a helm, let us say, which should happ... faculty that profits by food, liquid, warmth, movement, or by any relief from overplenty or any filling of a void; all such services touch the body on
5 @texts:plotinus
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product has turned again to its begetter and been filled and has become its contemplator and so an Intellectual-Principle... centre are traced upon us to be our law or we are filled full of the Divine Mind, which again may have become to us a thing seen and felt as a presence. Hence... for its ending; for there never was a void to be filled so that, with the fulness and the attainment of purpose, the sense of sufficiency be induced... on-Principle in humanity. On the other hand any skill which, beginning with the observation of the symmetry of living things, grows to the symmetry of all
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r a part is not self-sufficient, it must pursue something outside itself for its fulfillment, and so it becomes the enemy to what it needs... a new role. The actor, of course, was not really killed; but if dying is but changing a body as the actor changes a costume, or even an exit from the body like the exit of t... perhaps think of actors having the right to add something to the poet's words: the drama as it stands is not perfectly filled in, and they are to supply where the Author has... e the loved thing. But it is first; before it becomes the vehicle of vision, it is itself filled with the sight; it is first, therefore, and not
1 @texts:plotinus
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danger. And such desires as are satisfied by the filling or voiding of the body, must be proper to something very different from the Soul, to that only w... eir attaining this Ultimate: the nature in them comes to a halt, having fulfilled its vital course from a beginning to an end. I... ing it to all living things. By sensation can be meant only perception of state, and the state of wel... it. But at this rate the Good is nothing but the mere sensation, the bare activity of the sentient li
timaeus @texts:plato
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[8], and a seventh part which was twenty-seven times the first [27]. After this he filled up the double intervals [i.e. between 1, 2, 4, ... nd of 9/8, made by the connecting terms in the former intervals, he filled up all the intervals of 4/3 with the interval o... omes round to that place from whence the breath came forth, and enters in there, and following the breath, fills up the vacant space; and this goes on like the r... received animals, mortal and immortal, and is fulfilled with them, and has become a visible animal containing the visible-the sensi
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e can—when now the trumpeters have rendered the same phrase of the [composer’s] skill, and afterwards the flautists played the sweet no... ugh the foreknowledge of the Better One, and [so] fill in the melody in substitution of the [broken] string. And so by mending of his string the harper’s grief was stayed, and fame of victory was won.   7. And this I feel is my