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TOPY is…
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help one another. So whenever we can we donate time, money, ideas and skills to TOPY. We receive no reward for this: no medals, no “I raised £100” t-shirts. The reward is the knowledge that we have helped someone else to realize their dreams. We are an inter... in the UK, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Canada and America. As is obvious (“Temple” & “Psychick”) we ar
Thee Black Book
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idual can truly coum to thee understanding and fulfillment ov their goals. Anything else is pointless, a w... ression, can by Sigils and their formulae find fulfillment via the subconscious. </WRAP> EXPERIENCE IS B... t with thee intense force ov will towards thee fulfillment ov desire. G All must becoum focused to thee ... main to trick and trouble thee matter to its detriment. Relinquish all control and prejudice in order
Texts from thee GreyBook
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uctively, crippling an Individual’s search for fulfillment of all their need and preventing for all their ... opiates) as a substitute for Faith. They want to kill time. Religion wants to side-step time. Both actions are based on fear. Mankind spends ... be constantly present in our day-to-day conscious mental functioning. This would be an intolerable bur... ay our fear of death yet in a real paradox we become too efficiently oblivious to this fear in our con