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Concentration: Its Practice @vivekananda:raja-yoga
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man's desires; he goes on desiring, and when he comes to a point where desire cannot be fulfilled, the result is pain. Therefore the Yogis regard... ne follows and melts into the other; he sees that men follow an //ignis fatuus// all their lives, and never succeed in fulfilling their desires. The great king Yudhishthira onc... the most wonderful thing in life is that every moment we see people dying around us, and yet we think... hink we are the only exceptions, the only learned men. Surrounded by all sorts of experiences of fickl
Independence @vivekananda:raja-yoga
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ith an argument to calm the qualms of conscience. Men are not lacking, who, posing as philosophers, want to kill out all wicked and incompetent persons (they are,... etitions for life or sex-gratification are only momentary, unnecessary, extraneous effects, caused by ... nd will make us go forward until everyone has become perfect. Therefore there is no reason to believe ... ce. When knowledge breaks these bars, the god becomes manifest. {{:vivekananda:raja-yoga:independence
The First Steps @vivekananda:raja-yoga
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divided into eight steps. The first is Yama — non-killing, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence, and n... f any gifts. Next is Niyama — cleanliness, contentment, austerity, study, and self-surrender to God. Then comes Âsana, or posture; Prânâyâma, or control of Prân... Dhâranâ, or fixing the mind on a spot; Dhyâna, or meditation; and Samâdhi, or superconsciousness. The