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ot one muscle for a moment. Death! You beast, you kill me with your urgent breath. CRASSUS. O how I love ... again. It is sure your chastity's unstained by crime; You do the wrong thing just at the right time! CRASSUS. Why do you taunt me? All the wood is spring's, And love is hovering o'er us with his wing
The Rite of Saturn
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spectively. Bro. C.E. is disguised as an ordinary member of the garrison.   ===== PART I ===== BROT... e hand\\ Reacheth to the sacred sand,\\ Fire consumes him that his name be forgotten in the land.\\ Even as the wicked eye\\ Seeks the mysteries to spy,\\... the maiden sacrifice!\\ So depart, and secret flame\\ Burnt upon the stone of shame,\\ That the holy
The Rite of Mars
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cease! must hate and death return?\\ Cease! must men kill and die?\\ Cease! drain not to its dregs the urn\