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rein from above. In Renzai, the Answer tends to come boiling into consciousness with an ecstatic violence. The body is often filled with a deep penetrating sense of calm and the m... into manifestation. After eliminating the already meaning-filled Words we have ‘A’ or ‘O’ to begin with. The cle... .U.T. is the summation of these gestures. The elemental attributions of the unicursal hexagram are de... xagram upon the Tree at Tipheret and using the elemental attributions explicated by Crowley’s placemen
Pagan Dharma
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verse driving us all toward our eventual enlightenment to strengthen and fulfill our magick. The Buddhists call this “boddhichitt... opment. They were usually common folk and craftswomen and are accompanied by tales of their enterprising and accomplished skillfulness. They welcomed men into these circles but always with the requirement of the adoration of the feminine as the embod
The World as Lover Working
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r smell and taste. Then, with all the senses enflamed, the blindfold was removed and the image of the Qadesha filled the view. Behind the person a voice whispered e... rld\\ > to enter the dance of life,\\ > every movement a response to the breath of my lover the world.... ing and feeling are miracles\\ > and each part of me and my world is a miracle. This vow was construc... nd which is detailed in the paper on ritual commitments. Part of this is also based on the relationshi
What’s Crowley Got To Do With Thelema, Anyway?
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willing and able to respond to the needs of the times, we as humans fulfill our role in the world as the causers of change an... mal on this planet has the tool making and using skills that we have to transform our environment into a living Heaven or Hell. Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand and I shall move the world.” If working th