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ne may fall from a housetop and break his bones; skilled surgery and intelligent effort by some friendly hand are required to heal the patient an... es to bring about its restoration. Whence could come that skill and scientific knowledge if not from the Divine a... was an initiate of the Egyptian mysteries and became learned in all its wisdom, while Philo tells us that Moses there became “skilled in music, geometry, arithmetic, hieroglyphics a... plification and formal expression. Christianity came not to destroy, but to fulfill and expand. That fulfillment and expansion were consequent upon an event o
THE HOLY ROYAL ARCH OF JERUSALEM @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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ts calling for expression. Despite this re-arrangement the Royal Arch is the natural conclusion and fulfillment of the Third Degree. The latter inculcates the necessity of mystical death and dramatizes the pro... the process a stage farther, by showing its fulfilment in the “exaltation” or apotheosis of him who ha... ed and the exalted degree of consciousness that comes with it. From being conscious merely as a natura
MASONRY AS A PHILOSOPHY @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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ourse of the construction of this ideal temple, something happened that wrecked the scheme and delayed the fulfillment indefinitely. This was the Fall of Man; the c... of the term charity as Masonry intends it. The payment of a few guineas to philanthropic institutions is scarcely a fulfillment of St. Paul’s great definition of charity so often read in our Lodges, by exercising which we are... ed conventional one obtaining among those who are members of a common association. There is that deep
Introduction. @wilmshurst:the-ceremony-of-initiation
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rethren wishful to understand the purpose and the meaning of the Initiation Ceremony. The endeavour to... n from //in ire// to go inwards, i.e., beyond the merely material surfaces of things), and because it is meant to mark the beginning (initium) of a new order... irth; indeed its parallel in Religion is the sacrament of Baptism, which is the initial incident of th