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n we do, for our life in cities, which deafens or kills the passive meditative life, and our education that enlarges the... in his //Making of Religion//, contends that the memories of primitive man and his thoughts of distan... ay from them—an explanation that does not seem to me complete—and Mr. Lang goes on to quote certain tr... edges of vision. One Laplander who wished to become a Christian, and thought visions but heathenish,
The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry @yeats:ideas-of-good-and-evil
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rain right joyously The cup which the sweet bird fills for me.’ And in the most famous passage in all his poe... sings of Death as of a mistress. ‘Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass, stains the white radiance... is has fled ‘to the burning fountains whence he came,’ and ‘is a portion of the eternal which must glow through time and change unquenchably the same,’ and has ‘awake
William Blake and his Illustrations to The Divine Comedy @yeats:ideas-of-good-and-evil
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has also a ‘masculine portion’ or ‘spectre’ which kills instead of merely hiding, and is continually at war with inspir... to rest from spiritual labour, and his thirst to fill his art with mere sensation and memory, seem upon the point of triumph, some miracle transforms them to a new inspiration; and... and to such angry paradox that its overthrow became the signal passion of his life, and filled all he did and thought with the excitement of a... is one which, had it had all its concentric rings filled with names, would have been a systematic exposition of his
At Stratford-on-Avon @yeats:ideas-of-good-and-evil
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im, had he not been hurried back into our noisy time. One passes through quiet streets, where gabled and red-tiled houses remember the Middle Age, to a theatre that has been ma... s one find it among hurrying cabs and ringing pavements, but in a green garden by a river side. Inside... seat but this; and yet there is no one who has come merely because one must go somewhere after dinner