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Chapter 65 @crowley:confessions
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erstood what my will was. My aspiration to be the means of emancipating humanity was perfectly fulfilled. I had merely to establish in the world the Law... t certain management of the cue combined with judgment must result in certain movements of the balls, and that skill and not luck determines the success of the player... ner or later, that when it does its place will be filled by something just as good, and nothing is more stupid tha... ound that he had got her by the throat. On seeing me he let her go; she ran screaming into the house. He followed, swearing to kill her. I made a beeline for the drawing-room poker,
Chapter 66 @crowley:confessions
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of the A.'. A.'. disguised as Victor Neuburg. We merely wanted to rough it a bit in a new and interes... tarted south, with no particular objective beyond filling our lungs with pure air and renewing the auste... an hotel. I cannot imagine why or how the idea came to me. Perhaps I happened to have in my rucksack one of my earliest magical notebooks, where I had co
Chapter 61 @crowley:confessions
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er; that his mother hated her husband and had become desperate when the heir-apparent had been killed in battle. His mother had determined to kill he... chance by not letting myself go and perhaps been killed for my pains. At the same time I was seized with a sudden sense of alarm. I felt... elf a writer of subtlety and distinction, but she filled me with fascination and horror. She gave me the idea of a devourer of human corpses, being he... prang up for the few days {557} necessary to give me the required inspiration for my climax. I could o
Chapter 68 @crowley:confessions
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journey as ours. The events of a single day would fill a fat folio. The more obvious adventures are really the least memorable, yet these are the only things which are capable of description. We were sometimes obliged, for example, to push on at a great pace in order to reach a place where we could renew ... a half. The last stage was pretty bad. It taught me a useful lesson about physical endurance. Most m
Chapter 64 @crowley:confessions
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ng this walk across Spain, I had much leisure for meditation. I was pledged to do my work in the world, and that meant my becoming a public character and one sure to... en in the most ordinary sense of the word. It seemed to me that my first duty was to prove to the world that I was not teaching Magick for money. I promi
Chapter 69 @crowley:confessions
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RAP> This criticism (from the //Poetry Review//) fills me with honest pride. I finished the play during th... l legate. She follows and, defending the old man, kills her husband. This last scene, by the way, fulfils my idea of true comedy; the dressing up of a man as a king or god, and... this central idea is universal in all the best comedy and tragedy from the "Bacchae" of Euripides, th... to my magical writings during this astounding summer. In my spare time I began to make a list of Gre