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Big Game @crowley:simon-iff
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to take a bath before retiring, seen the knife, remembered his old skill as an amateur juggler, ample testimony of which w... . Her answer was equally sweet and to the point. ‘Kill the old man—I’ll cover your tracks; marry the old girl; and meet me at our old trysting-place at midnight a year from... h it—happened twenty minutes later. He walked in, killed the old man, and left as he had come. Pretty bold? “Only cocaine. So now he’s off to m... O man of motives, the analysis. Man is no longer killed for food, except in distant countries, or in rare emergencies such as shipwreck.” “He is only killed n
Chapter 77 @crowley:confessions
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er and knew that the only hope of making her love me was to kill the vanity which prevented her from being true to... efore I left for New Hampshire, we had a farewell meeting. She was now too far advanced in gestation t... had persuaded her to go to England for the confinement, and also to make various necessary arrangements with regard to the future. He had now cunningly pr
The Artistic Temperament @crowley:simon-iff
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and autochthonous races. Then the newspapers were filled with long arguments about the Chesidim and ritual murder,3 the tri... e. So far I have told you how I know that Cudlipp killed his son, and how he came to do it. You may or may not know why he did it b... ad done it, particularly. He pretended to suspect me, of course. We can see now, thanks to you, that h... rse; I see that now. But I didn’t see it then; to me he was just a bad painter, and I looked no deeper
Chapter 83 @crowley:confessions
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nal comprehension, and moreover to justify the former without denying the validity of the later. Professor Thompson's remarks filled me with hope. It must be remembered that at the... ht blackmail to bear on any honest people that seemed likely to stand in his way, and in every other respect fulfilled the conditions requisite for plundering the city and persecuting the poor, in the name of righteousness according to the most approved methods. His most spectacular success was to shut up
Chapter 71 @crowley:confessions
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he was performing an Operation to obtain the Supreme Black Magical Power. The seven women had to be killed so that their seven bodies formed a "Calvary cross of seven points" with its head to the west. The theory was that after killing the third or the fourth, I forget which, the m... red the power of invisibility, and this was confirmed by the fact that in one case a policeman heard t
Chapter 73 @crowley:confessions
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aw a serpent cross my path. A little higher the same thing happened. This time I was impelled to kill the reptile, which I did. I took it into my head... ussia than anything of Dostoyevsky. Their witness fills me with more satisfaction as to the worth of my work... etation of the central mystery of freemasonry became clear in consciousness, and I expressed it in dra... /eqi10006|the Ship]]". The lyrical climax is in some respects my supreme achievement in invocation; in
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age/|FAILURE SUCCESS COURAGE]] * [[/information/fill-me-kill-me/|FILL ME KILL ME]] * [[/information/freedom-is-in-peril/|FREEDOM... TASY MY JOY]] * [[/information/my-life-with-the-fill-kill-kult/|MY LIFE WITH THE FILL KILL KULT]] * [[/information/new-heaven-new-earth/|N... CESS IS YOUR PROOF]] * [[/information/take-your-fill-of-love/|TAKE YOUR FILL OF LOVE]] * [[/information/thanksgiving/|THANKSGIVING]] * [[/information/th