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====== Giordano Bruno ====== <WRAP right 33%>{{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-feb-17-giordano-bruno.png |Greater Feast of Giordano Bruno on February 17}}</WRAP> **Giordano Bruno** AKA Iordanus Brunus Nolanus the Florentine AKA Filippo Bruno Italy 1548 – 1600 Scientist and Magician; mnemonic AKA [[Memory]] t... ==== Saint of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica ==== Giordano Bruno does not appear in any version of the [[saints-of
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~~REDIRECT>/hermeneuticon/giordano-bruno~~ {{:bruno.jpg}} ====== Giordano Bruno ====== \\ ==== (1548-1600 e.v.) ==== \\ \\ by Sabazius\\ Copyright ... entis U.S.A. All rights reserved.\\ ---- \\ Giordano Bruno, born Filippo Bruno in Nola, Campania, was an Italian philosopher, pr... rsity of Chicago Press, 1987.\\ Yates, Frances, //Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition,//Chicago: University
The Tree of Life @jwmt:v1n3
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er. It was from this source that the ex-Dominican Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), probably the Art's greatest exponent... rmation that can be filed using the Tree of Life? Bruno's method is a dizzying complex combination of ide... irst let us look at an example of the method that Bruno gave us in his De Umbris Idearum (1582)[53], the ... t deal more subtlety than this one example shows. Bruno's alphabet included thirty letters, the Latin alp
An Introduction to the Structure of Enochian Magick @jones:the-system-of-enochian-magick
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text6|6]]. Frances Yates’ //Art of Memory// and //Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition// are outstanding intr... structure of Enochian magick and particularly to Giordano Bruno’s related influence and influences. John Crowley’
Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica @hermeneuticon
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us de Fluctibus | Robertus de Fluctibus | | | [[Giordano Bruno]] | | | | Giordano Bruno | | [[Johannes Dee]] | Johannes Dee | Johannes D
Addenda to Advice for Deacons @dionysos
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without formal announcement, the Patriarch added Giordano Bruno, in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Bruno's martyrdom. In the full version of the Saints Collect, Bruno is placed among the Renaissance magi, between Rob
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c Luria]]; ; Rabbi [[Judah Loew]] ben Bezalel; [[Giordano Bruno]]; === Students === [[Karl Widemann]], Secreta
Elias Ashmole @hermeneuticon
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nus]]; [[Michael Maier]]; [[Daniel Stolcius]]; [[Giordano Bruno]] ; [[Paracelsus]]; [[Johannes Valentinus Andreae
The Black Arts @fuller
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; and others more fervently still as they watched Giordano Bruno blazing at the stake. Between auto da fé and in
Johannes Valentinus Andreae @hermeneuticon
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d as a [[Memory]] Aid, employing [[Cicero]] and [[Giordano Bruno]]'s Palace of [[Memory]] technique; "In more rem
William Sinclair @hermeneuticon
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w]] Robert Drummond of Carnock; William Fowler; [[Giordano Bruno]]; Michel de Castelnau; William Moray of Dreghorn
January @hermeneuticon
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==== ==== Events ==== * [[Lesser Feast]] of [[Giordano Bruno]], born [[January]], [[1548]], at Nola, Italy *
Office of Daimonic Vespers @dionysos
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d’Arc; with these also, Frater Francesco Colonna, Giordano Bruno the Nolan, Cagliostro, Sir Francis Dashwood, Pasc
February @hermeneuticon
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]], died c. [[160]] ce * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Giordano Bruno]], died [[February 17]], [[1600]], at Campo de' F
February 17 @hermeneuticon
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== February 17 ====== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Giordano Bruno]], died [[February 17]], [[1600]], at Campo de' F
1600 @hermeneuticon
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1548 @hermeneuticon
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