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Four Poems @crowley:international:xii:2
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ts on many a field\\ \_ \_ \_ — Crown me at last, Hilarion! I have walked masterfully enough\\ \_ \_ \_ In ... abyss, in thine abode\\ \_ \_ \_ Hold me at last, Hilarion! ==== Lent. ==== Thou pulse of purple in God’s heart\\ \_ \_ \_ Monotonous and musical,\\ Hilarion, to live apart\\ \_ \_ \_ Is not to live at all. ... , and the world of flowers — \_ \_ \_ Our world, Hilarion. <TEXT align="center">———</TEXT> ==== A Vision
Love and Laughter @crowley:international:xii:2
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ay, the foam and gleam,\\ \_ \_ \_ A rainbow ray, Hilarion!\\ \_ \_ \_ But in its deeps the currents run\\ S... Art, wing forth, the Dove\\ For God’s own heart, Hilarion! \\ [[the third liberty loan|Previous]] | [[#to
Dawn @crowley:international:xii:1
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and vanishes.\\ Mine eyelids open to the gold, \\ Hilarion’s hair in ripples rolled.\\ (O gilded morning clo... e Atlantic twinkles in the sun — \\ Awake, awake, Hilarion! \\ [[not good enough|Previous]] | [[#top|Top]]
A Riddle @crowley:international:xi:12
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n flesh so amber rich, so amber rare, \\ \_ \_ \_ Hilarion? For aethyr, fire, and air,\\ No grosser elements... od shall die —\\ \_ \_ \_ I see thee, and I live, Hilarion! \\ [[barnards lincoln unvisited|Previous]] | [
Hymn @crowley:international:xi:11
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(From Baudelaire)</TEXT> Most dear, most fair, Hilarion,\\ That fillst mine heart with light and glee, A... ernity’s inmost heart! \\ Most pure, most fair, Hilarion,\\ That fillst my life with health and glee, Ang
Knight-Errant @crowley:international:xii:3
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rose is music on my mouth,\\ \_ \_ \_ Holiness to Hilarion!\\ I mark the bounds of space and time;\\ \_ \_ \
The Priestess of the Graal @crowley:international:xii:2
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he life of moon and sun\\ Ablaze, abloom, ablush, Hilarion,\\ Within the compass of thy crimson Vase!\\ Lo!
A Poem @crowley:international:xii:2
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> I have ransacked heaven and earth,\\ \_ \_ \_ Hilarion, for gramarye\\ Of words to witness to thy worth.
LOVE IS ONE. @crowley:international:xi:10
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s no shore to the celestial sea; There is no pylon to the last abode, The temple of our truth, Hilarion!
In the Red Room of the Rose Croix. @crowley:international:xi:10
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-work, wizard-spun\\ To garb thy glee-gilt heart, Hilarion,\\ An Alpenbluehn on our star-crested snows! O s