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Word of the Equinox
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his woman, who had taken the mystic name of Soror Hilarion, assisted The Beast in obtaining the word of the ... 5|I.55]]; see [[September 23]], [[1915]], [[Soror Hilarion]], [[The Beast]], [[Equinox]], [[Nebulae]], [[Sta
Living in the Sunlight
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library figure [[Jeanne Robert Foster]], [[Soror Hilarion]], and described in a letter by figure [[Aleister... certain sister of the Order whom we called [Soror Hilarion] came to visit us with the Master Therion [Crowle
Charles Stansfeld Jones
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>, Arctaeon, to be my son by Jeanne Foster, Soror Hilarion."—New Comment on II.76, Liber Legis ==== Event