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The Road to the Sun: A Record of Self Initiation to Tipheret
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nd I met at San Francisco State in a class on the history of 15th century magic. We gradually opened up our... s yourself. Even if the ritual is a psychological game, that is a very odd thing to do. I resolved the p... ll remark about the changes as they occur in this history. This next item is a diary entry about a first-t... agician takes cape and sword to play the rotation game of round-about. The fire breath of the bull is gu
An Abramelin Ramble
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ick** **Copyright (c) Bill Heidrick** \\ ===== HISTORY OF THE WORK ===== A class on "The Book of the Sa... a Japanese robe. ===== PART X -- Maps and travel games. ===== In this culture it's helpful to occupy y
OTO History
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====== OTO History ====== ===== Ordo Templi Orientis a Brief Historical Review ===== <TEXT align="center"... rmetic Brotherhood of Light, O.T.O. "traditional" history includes the Weishaupt Illuminati of the late 18t... Templars, without actual evidence. "Traditional" history is a euphemism for "mythology" in Masonic and mystical organizations; and, as such, "traditional" history expresses precursor relationships which are incap