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Grady Louis McMurtry
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tated back to the United States."—[[/heidrick/oto-history]] "In 1969 e.v., surviving O.T.O. members from t... f O.T.O. Members Sr. Meral, Sr. Grimaud, M. Burlingame and Montenegro indicated willingness to see the O... ng O.T.O. members in the United States. Ray Burlingame had died some years before, and Dr. Montenegro di... o form a legal entity for O.T.O."—[[/heidrick/oto-history]] "In addition, the EGC Manual specifies that th
Elias Ashmole
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[[William Lilly]] aka William Lillies, author of History of his Life and Times, from the year 1602, to 168... nrath]] aka [[Henry Khunrath]]; === Author === History of the Star and Garter aka The Institution, Lawes... lias_Ashmole * * Mackey, //Encyclopedia of Freemasonry//, Masonic History Co., NY 1909 * Christopher McIntosh, //The Rosi