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Archons & War Pigs
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ar feeding the war machine / is it “playing their game” to conceptualize this struggle in this way? Or ... war. Ultimatley, business and militarism are old games being played out to their inevitable end. They a... Crusades recently. “They” have been playing this game for a long time now. The Crusades were an early W... destroying it. And they will continue playing the game and slaughtering kids for the Megaton Moloch Mach
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ngs with two of the grosses viral sigils in human history incorporated into the design. $oldie® seemed lik... ame triadic tranformation can be found in nature, history, and culture. In universities, this is taught as ... eate our reality? With that in mind I present the history of current 144 with a focus on the gematria surro... ading, I thought I’d give a quick run down of the history and practices of these folk who I was previously