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THE MOORISH REPUBLIC OF SALE @bey:pirate-utopias
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16th centuries there was a dramatic change in the balance of power among the countries of the western Medit... he diplomatic intervention of the British consul, John Harrison, ''%%[Harrison must have been popular. C... Regreg]." ''%%[Coindreau, 1948: 44]%%'' The new balance of power proved precarious, and in 1631 al-Ayyash... s people. Unfortunately for the Andalusians, the balance of power (which seemed to favor them) was now ups
Moorish Weather Report
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his meteorological Eros is the mushroom which (as John Allegro pointed out) has no seed but is planted d... ion demands creates the sensation of an immense imbalance, a final break with the original "order of intima... ion per se now comes into being to restore this imbalance through yet more cruelty (human sacrifice, cannib
Globalism, Tribalism and Autonomy
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ic McLuhan who is the son of Marshall McLuhan and John Gage who is the head of Sun Computers, a 6 billio... but they are on the net - a sort of "satisfactory balance" between what the village is good for and the vil... d Diffie who invented public key cryptography and John Perry Barlow, an old friend of mine. So we had a
Interview with Hakim Bey @bey:millennium
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extent. We have an anarchist thinker in America, John Zerzan, who wrote an essay against humor which ma... s difference. It implies difference in a state of balance -- balance which can even include conflict. If you look at tribal societies, they are not necessarily peac
Part 2b
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l address). We also suggest, in order to counter-balance the effect on yourself of calling up the personal... mild appearance. We discussed my readings in Sir John Woodruffe ("Arthur Avalon") each afternoon, I wal
The Occult Assault on Institutions
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Bataille himself teetered with sickening lack of balance. I say this despite admiration for Bataille. 5 T... Fifth Estate, Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, John Zerzan) and the pro-Tech futurologists (including