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The “Arabic” Parts of the Original Rosicrucian Documents @caduceus:articles:2:2
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the Original Rosicrucian Documents ====== ===== John Eberly ===== > “Yearly there came something to l... d the soul of man, Who has attained the rightful balance, Becoming aware of this hidden joy, Straightawa... opposite one another on a pair of scales until a balance is struck and, “there be a conjunction and union ... “Shu’ayb Ibn al-Husayn al-‘ansari Abu Madyan” in John Eberly, //al-Kimia: The Mystical Islamic Essence
Ritus Minor Olympicus ad Pentagrammo Expellendum @caduceus:articles:1:1
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Pentagram Adapted to the Graeco-Roman Tradition\\ John Opsopaus\\ © 1995 ==== Introduction ==== This /... familiar astrological sign for Mercury. See also John Dee’s description of his “Hieroglyphic Monad,” wh... exagram symbolizes the Unity of Opposites and the Balance of the Four Elements. The four elements result fr... r chest, indicating the reconciliation, union and balance of the Oppositions (//Bivium//), Worlds (//Triviu
Two for Sacred Geometers @caduceus:articles:1:1
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ometers ====== ===== Book Reviews ===== Michell, John. //[[amazon>0500016070|At The Center Of The World... decade or so has done a great deal to redress the balance. The two books reviewed here each build, in a different sense, on that foundation. John Michell’s name is a familiar one not only among s... ern times. The collection apparently belonged to John Byrom, an eighteenth-century Freemason and fellow
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take that to mean; it is a symbol of centrality, balance, and above all, wholeness. It can be an empty roo... ts to reconcile the needs of both in a harmonious balance. - Watts, Alan W., "The Spirit of Zen", John Murray 1936 - Frazer, J.G., "The Golden Bough, A Stud
On the Philosophy of Hermetic Swordsmanship @caduceus:articles:2:4
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l’Espée (1630) by Gerard Thibault translated by John Michael Greer</TEXT> ==== Translator’s Introduct... that he always holds himself in counterpoise and balance in all his actions. Otherwise, he would be made a... y-of-hermetic-swordsmanship#translator-text2|2]]. John Michael Greer, “Geometries of the Sword,” //Gnosi
The Rotation of the Elements @caduceus:articles:1:4
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e Elements ====== The Rotation of the Elements\\ John Opsopaus <WRAP indent>//When thou hast made the ... to both analyses psychological health requires a balance of the functions (Lüscher’s four-color person, Ju... of the elements is a procedure for achieving this balance, since it helps the chronic thinker, for example,
MUTUS LIBER @caduceus:articles:1:4
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ion may be found in //A Prelude to Chemistry// by John Read, London 1936, page 155 et seq. ==== HYPOTYP... ction. The first figure shows, on the scales of a balance, on one side the salt indicated by the star, on t
Personal, Political and Magical? @caduceus:articles:1:2
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s strengths, but because I think the strengths outbalance the weaknesses, I intend to talk about the weakne... explored, from quite different points of view, by John Symonds in //King of the Shadow Realms// (his lat