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en he is sent. So that is no vain counsel of "St John" (1 John iv. 1), "Try the spirits, whether they be of God," no mistake when "St Paul" claims the discer... abalistical meaning of the term MThQLA, Metheqla, balance. In each of the three trinities or triads of the ... e potencies are regarded as the two scales of the balance, and the uniting Sephira as the beam that joins t
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ich maketh ye to fear, is the little waverings of balance by which I am assured. And now the veil of sil... and liveth and reigneth for ever and ever as the balance of righteousness and truth. I am the Angel of th... ances appears in the stone, and on the bar of the balance is written: Motion about a point is iniquity. ... ery disclosed. But the key unto this gate is the balance of the seven and the four; and of this thou hast