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The Book of the Seniors by Benjamin Rowe �1986, 1992
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gickal working involving the Tablet of Earth from John Dee's Enochian magickal system. This section pres... built up by the minds of men, acted directly as a balance to the involutionary force, weakening it and dest... his current time we are attempting to redress the balance, bringing the sanctity of the individual back int... ctly, as does his role as one of the Lords of the Balance in the Tuat. Knowledge had to be seen as imperson
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in Geoffrey James' The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee. Numbers to the left of the decimal represent... 82 401 261 1.76 PIAP BALANCE, THE 75 102 17... 225 325 LAYCOCK PRAP BALANCE 146 278 26