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The Commentaries of AL Chapter I
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ians who wrote under the collective pseudonyms of John, Mark, Luke, Matthew, Paul, Peter, etc. The Utter... niverse. See Liber 418. L is the letter of Libra, Balance, and 'Justice' in the Taro. This title should pro... opposite party of the North and Nuit, with the //"John"// slain with the Sword, whose flesh is placed up... that is sexually unhealthy will not, because its balance is unstable, and it is easily upset by deviations
Analyzing Liber AL vel Legis
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goal. Whitehead handles this with his notion of ‘balance’ which means that "no realized eternal object sha... losophical Commentaries on The Book of the Law//, John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, eds., Quebec: 93 Publi... New York: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1975. [BX] Hayes, John H. & Carl R. Holladay, //Biblical Exegesis, A Beginner’s Handbook//, rev. ed., Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1987. [HT] //The Holy Books of Thele
The Commentaries of AL Chapter III
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ears to be to the old prophecies of 'Daniel' and 'John'. The first Qabalistic allusion is yet (An XIV) u... lonely places. In the New Testament we find that "John the Baptist" called himself the "Voice in the Wil... and female child is simply a matter of endocrine balance.// //But there IS a difference. See AL 1, 16.// ... ou should not be afraid of becoming obsessed. The balance of the Universe does not permit it. Obsession alw