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The Gnostic Mass: Annotations and Commentary by Helena and Tau Apiryon
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ortant aspect of symbolism, as well as of magical balance, is lost when the offices of the Children are omi... llowship with thy holy apostles and martyrs: with John, Stephen, etc.)"\\ As a gesture of grief, it sym... ne: A Study of Ritual Idiom in the Middle East,// John Murray, London 1956 * Forlong, J.G.R.; //Rivers... nnings, Hargrave; //Live Lights or Dead Lights,// John Hodges, London 1873; quoted in Godwin, Joscelyn;
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// (fullness) and was considered to be in perfect balance. Of all the Aeons, only Nous was capable of compr... The existence of Achamôth threatened to upset the balance of the Plêrôma. To prevent this, Bythos exiled he... entinian Exposition.//\\ \\ References: Blunt, John Henry (Ed.); //Dictionary of Sects, Heresies, Ecc
Frieda Lady Harris
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e Frieda Bloxham in London on August 13, 1877, to John Astley Bloxam (1843–1926), a surgeon with Charing... Findlay Bloxam née Porter (1851– 1926).((Although John Astley is best known by the surname “Bloxam,” the... onal colour scales in their right proportions and balance. The result in either case will be to destroy the