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Chapter I
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he Wizard Amalantrah((See //The Great Beast//, by John Symonds, 1971.)) (Shmuel bar Aiwaz) identifies th... n of identifying Nu with On, Noah, Oannes, Jonah, John, Dianus, Diana, and so on.But these identificatio... e opposite party of the North and Nuit, with the "John" slain with the Sword, whose flesh is placed upon... like in one respect that they each cancel out, so Balance is a necessary principle.More so than time; for o
Chapter II
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id" for human perception; its square faces affirm balance, equity, and limitation; its six-sidedness sets i... e relation with every point in the circle exactly balanced against an equal and opposite relation. We have ... are not desire to omit any single entry, lest the balance be upset. We may react with elasticity and indiff... us that "the People" prefer to starve, and thank John D. Rockefeller for the permission to do so. Stil
Chapter III
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ears to be to the old prophecies of 'Daniel' and 'John'. The first Qabalistic allusion is yet (An XIV {?... Holy Law. Thus though Nuit cries "To me!" that is balanced by the Formula of Hadit. "Come unto me" is a foo