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Book 4, Part II
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by the transition from the ancient to the modern Tarot; the suit "Hearts" in old packs of cards, and eve... m" (the Hebrew word for water), which has for its Tarot trump the Hanged Man. This Hanged Man represents ... letter of the Empress, the heavenly Venus in the Tarot. His legs form a cross, his arms a triangle, as i... rapture. This is most accurately pictured in the Tarot Trump called "The Angel," which corresponds to th
Chapter V The Formula of I.A.O.
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er 777//. The principal points are these: | Atu (Tarot Trump) | No. of Atu | Hebrew of Letter | No. of L
Chapter VII The Formula Of The Holy Graal: Of ABRAHADABRA: and of certain other Words. Also: The Magical Memory.
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The Hieroglyph shewn in the Seventh Key of the Tarot (described in the 12th Aethyr, Liber 418, Equinox... tion of this process. It is the Hanged Man of the Tarot; the formation of the individual from the absolut... oductive force is primarily situated. Qoph in the Tarot is "the Moon", a card suggesting illusion, yet sh
Chapter 0 The Magical Theory of the Universe
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o the planets, elements and signs, as also to the Tarot Trumps, while their position on the Tree itself a
Chapter XVIII Of Clairvoyance and the Body of Light Its Power and Its Development Also Concerning Divination
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ivination in history are astrology, geomancy, the Tarot, the Holy Qabalah, and the Yi King. There are hun... tanding constantly interfered with the Work. THE TAROT and THE HOLY QABALAH may be discussed together. T... ring in several numbers.)) The 78 symbols of the Tarot are admirably balanced and combined. They are ade... ic perceptions. The MASTER THERION finds that the Tarot is infallible in material questions. The successi
Bibliography and Curriculum of the A∴A∴
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. //Liber LXXVIII.// A complete treatise on the Tarot giving the correct designs of the cards with thei... e cosmic process so far as it is indicated by the Tarot Trumps. Equinox VII, p. 69. //Liber CCXLII.// AH... sub figura CD.// A graphic interpretation of the Tarot on the plane of initiation. Equinox VII, p. 75. ... al account of magical powers classified under the Tarot Trumps. Equinox VII, p. 101. //Liber DCCCLXXXVII
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THE KING SCALE : : : OF TAROT : OF COLOUR : :------... ...............: : 29 :Khephra (as Scarab in Tarot :Vishnu (Matsya Avatar). : : : Tr... : : HEBREW :OF COLUMN: OF COLUMN :ON TAROT: : : : LETTERS : CLXXV : CL... : : : TITLES OF TAROT TRUMPS : :---------+------