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The Atu (Keys or Trumps)
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a complementary, theory. If one assumes that the Tarot is of Egyptian origin, one may suppose that Mat (... essay (see 16, 34, et al.) that the whole of the Tarot is based upon the Tree of Life, and that the Tree... red. It is necessary, in order to understand the Tarot, to go back in history to the Matriarchal (and ex... any of the traditional forms of "The Fool" of the Tarot show the crocodile definitely. In the commonplace
The Court Cards
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s entirely in accordance with the doctrine of the Tarot, but great emphasis is laid on the startling, per
Bibliographical Note
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gly entrusted with the secret attributions of the Tarot, especially those of the Atu. (See pp.5-10). He ... blished the previously secret attributions of the Tarot in the Book 777 vel\\ Prolegomena symbolica ad s... is modelled on, or adorned by references to, the Tarot. Notable in this connexion are: * Ambrosii Mag... II) 1929 e.v. He published a full account of the Tarot, according to the MSS. of the Hermetic Order of t
The Behaviour of the Tarot
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====== The Behaviour of the Tarot ====== It being now established, at the conclusion of the Essay, that the cards of the Tarot are living individuals, it is proper to consider ... of blasphemy. The position of the student of the Tarot is very similar. In this essay, and in these desi... riod; he can only come to an understanding of the Tarot through experience. It will not be sufficient for
The Small Cards
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nd of the Exempt Adept or Adepts who invented the Tarot to go so far into this matter. The point to remem... ion. The Adepts of the White School, of which the Tarot is the sacred book, cannot agree to such a simpli... inflamed the constitution of this present pack of Tarot cards; for this feature is significant, and disti... ional Mediaeval designs. (Their luck was out: the Tarot is a razor!) Eliphaz Levi was a master-scholar, a
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Bibliographical Note]] * [[theory|Theory of the Tarot]] * [[atu|The Atu (Keys or Trumps)]] * [[cour... nics|Mnemonics]] * [[behaviour|Behaviour of the Tarot]] * [[general-characters|General Characters of
The Book of Thoth
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h ====== The Book of Thoth A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians Being The Equinox Volume III No.
Theory of the Tarot
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====== Theory of the Tarot ====== ===== Book of Thoth ===== | {{ :crowley:book-of-thoth:magus1.jpg?200}}... 00 }} | ===== I ===== ===== THE CONTENTS OF THE TAROT ===== THE TAROT is a pack of seventy-eight cards. There are four suits, as in modern playing cards, whi... explained in due course. ===== THE ORIGIN OF THE TAROT ===== The origin of this pack of cards is very o