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Chapter 57
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ht off a very remarkable test of the value of the Tarot in divination. The German postmaster, calling on ... nghai. I offered to investigate the matter by the Tarot. I described accurately the two principal clerks ... it had disappeared less than an hour later. That Tarot told me that the senior clerk was a steady-going ... so that it went safely to the bank in Peking. The Tarot had vindicated itself in the most striking way. T
Chapter 69
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9|LIBER CCXXXI]]// is a technical treatise on the Tarot. The sequence of the 22 Trumps is explained as a
Chapter 49
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{394} position by the old methods and did a long Tarot divination which proved perfectly futile. March
Chapter 47
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y philosophical. I thought of the 13th Key of the Tarot, of the sign of Scorpio, the invincible persisten