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Chapter XLIX: Thelemic Morality
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ttles an often asked question about allocation of Tarot and Hebrew Letters on the Tree of Life in his mod... ters stay in their traditional positions, and the Tarot Atu's of "Star" and "Emperor" switch places.  Cro... and this is more remarkable in some ways than the Tarot attribution.  If the K & C of the HGA comes from
Chapter XXXIX: Prophecy
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n symbolism flows from Crowley's work with Greek, Tarot and Hebrew.  "Set" as Sigma-Theta or as Shin-Teth.  Taking the numbers for the corresponding Tarot Trumps from the Thoth Deck, we get XX + XI = 31. 
Chapter LV: Money
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other forms of Energy.  It is the Princess of the Tarot of whom it is written:  "Great indeed is her powe