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2> <p>We may glance in passing at the Yetziratic, Tarot, and significatory methods of investigating any w... in the Yetziratic world is &ldquo;Air,&rdquo; by Tarot &ldquo;the Fool,&rdquo; and by signification &ldq... ketch MS. by Frater P., giving his explanation by Tarot, etc., of the letters of the alphabet spelt in fu... rs of the Alphabet</b> </dd></dl> <dl><dd><i>(See TAROT CARDS, and Meditate)</i> </dd></dl> <dl><dd><b>AL
The Djeridensis Working
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ed rightly in a phrase. The ancient wisdom of the Tarot otherwise correct in all points. </i> <dl><dd>The... w shewn by giving the correct value of one of the Tarot Trumps (unknown till that time) which perfects th