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2> <p>We may glance in passing at the Yetziratic, Tarot, and significatory methods of investigating any w... in the Yetziratic world is &ldquo;Air,&rdquo; by Tarot &ldquo;the Fool,&rdquo; and by signification &ldq... ketch MS. by Frater P., giving his explanation by Tarot, etc., of the letters of the alphabet spelt in fu... rs of the Alphabet</b> </dd></dl> <dl><dd><i>(See TAROT CARDS, and Meditate)</i> </dd></dl> <dl><dd><b>AL
The Djeridensis Working
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ed rightly in a phrase. The ancient wisdom of the Tarot otherwise correct in all points. </i> <dl><dd>The... w shewn by giving the correct value of one of the Tarot Trumps (unknown till that time) which perfects th
A Guide to the Study of Thelema
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by the 22 Hebrew letters, the Trump cards of the Tarot, and the classical elements (air, earth, fire, wa... other occult practices, such as astrology and the Tarot. Many of the core magical technologies that he ev... uddhism), Arthur Edward Waite (well known for his tarot deck), and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, the ... The Book of Thoth, which, although regarding the Tarot, is a wonderful union of Thelemic principles, Qab
A Brief Essay Upon the Nature and Significance of the Magical Alphabet
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with fairly comprehensive definitions such as the Tarot trumps is very close and necessary. (It will be n... pressed in Roman numerals which is printed on the Tarot trumps. Here, with two exceptions, the number is
The Holy Books
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e cosmic process so far as it is indicated by the Tarot Trumps. The sequence of the 22 Trumps is explaine... 400. \\ Dec. 13. A graphic interpretation of the Tarot on the plane of Initiation. Analyzes the Hebrew a
One System Among Many
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at one's disposal: prayer, ritual, yoga, Qabalah, tarot, dancing, music, art, immersion tanks, hypnosis,
Getting to Fifth
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ling") * Astrology * Geomancy * Tarot * I Ching * Keeping a magical record /
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atory ritual, automatic writing and psychography, tarot, Eastern yoga and meditation, Renaissance grimoir
What's New
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regret the necessity. For those interested in the tarot, the book is an indispensable resource, so I enco
Occultism and Apophenia
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tive to many. Also, certain occult tools, such as Tarot, can provide fantastic projective tools for diggi
Thelema 101
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{ :eidolons:lust.jpg?nolink |Lust from AC's Thoth Tarot. While Nuit and Hadit represent the ideals of mys... deal of sexual ecstasy.}} \\ Lust from AC's Thoth Tarot. While Nuit and Hadit represent the ideals of mys... adjustment.jpg?nolink |Adjustment from AC's Thoth Tarot.}} \\ Adjustment from AC's Thoth Tarot. </WRAP> Crowley is [[The Book of the Balance|quoted]] as saying
Historical Texts
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elema, the Holy Qabalah, the Tree of Life and the Tarot. [[Gematria]] Crowley's comprehensive treatise o