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Chapter 6 The Sphere of Sensation
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Alphabet, the sephiroth of the Tree of Life, the Tarot, and so forth. This is part of the point of the m
Chapter 3 What was The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn?
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as well known in the context of his work with the tarot, for his Masonic encyclopedia, for his membership... he Cipher Manuscript with its inclusion of occult tarot symbolism within a Masonic ritual form. Additiona... Cabalistic Tree of Life, and which connected the tarot cards with this Tree of Life (the last being a ne
Chapter 4 The Structure of the Golden Dawn and its Rituals
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ers of their alphabet, one of the 22 Major Arcana tarot cards, a divine name of God in Hebrew, and an ele... the Sephiroth, the attributions of the twenty-two Tarot Trumps (i.e. their supported correspondences with... //Praxis of Concordance//. This symbolism allowed tarot cards, alchemy, and astrology, which were otherwi