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Examples of new Magical Squares @heidrick:mq
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columns of up to four dots each. Cartomacy with Tarot would also work, as would a host of other methods
Tarot Meditations 1975-76
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====== Tarot Meditations 1975-76 ====== by Bill Heidrick All Rights Reserved. These mediations may wo... h a BOTA (Paul Foster Case) or Rider Pack (Waite) Tarot Deck. ===== MEDITATIONS FOR THE MAJOR TRUMPS ===... ion 9/30/75 ==== Adapted from "Understanding the Tarot", column six, by Bill Heidrick (First published i... nd then vanishes back into the unknown. All other Tarot cards are images frozen in time of the whirling F
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The Road to the Sun: A Record of Self Initiation to Tipheret
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follows the days of my preparing the study of the Tarot. Earlier in the same dream, or in one just before... inner torment. That torment is illustrated by the Tarot Key of the Tower and by the path of Peh (path num... /16/71 e.v. Some notes on Keys 0, 1 and 2 of the Tarot (BOTA version): When coloring these Keys, the mo... t interference. Here's another diary entry about Tarot, dated 2/13/71: The Magician stands tall and fir
Of Stars
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nes. If Sirius & Sothis is indeed the Star of the Tarot Atu, Sirius cannot be Tzaddi. In Qabalah, the sin
The Sepher Yetzirah
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n the Double Letters and the planets to work with Tarot Trumps. The other methods do not work as well with the G.'. D.'. Tarot-Astrological system, and they are therefore exclu
QABALAH No. 1 - An approach to learning the Tree of Life through Meditation
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lden Dawn and Aleister Crowley in "Path working," Tarot and many other branches of Occult and Mystic arts... III. Meditations for YETZIRAH. Obtain a "Thoth Tarot Deck" by Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley. Visu
An Abramelin Ramble
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ill get ideas as you are sitting and staring at a Tarot card, picturing a flower or looking into a mirror... ext, you need a method of divination. You can use Tarot cards, astrology, or anything like that. The Abra... and say "it's gonna rain tomorrow." Me, I'll take Tarot! Divination is intended to give you information t... the Golden Dawn system corresponds to the Fool in Tarot and Nun to Death. That's two Tarot trumps from th
Bill Heidrick
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//|source]] [[tarot meditations|Tarot Meditations]] [[|source]] [[yetzirah|TH
MAGICK and QABALAH No. 1 @heidrick:mq
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columns of up to four dots each. Cartomacy with Tarot would also work, as would a host of other methods