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Path-working on the Qabalistic Tree of Life
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Tree of Life; and they almost always feature the Tarot Trumps heavily. This is because Path-Working, bei... ome sort of visual focus: hence the images of the Tarot Trumps are the most convenient for this purpose, ... talking about the Paths of the Tree of Life, and Tarot Card attributions, I am mainly referring to the "... e Golden Dawn attributions, his later work on the Tarot, __The Book of Thoth__ departs from this scheme i
The 32 Paths of Wisdom
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ast to bridge //except through the imagery of the Tarot major arcana//. By using these images, along with... with their Hebrew Tree correspondences and their Tarot Arcanum[5] (where appropriate). I've also include... e "32 Paths of Wisdom" document combined with the Tarot major arcana as our illustrated tour guide, a cog... urse. Their "proper" course is represented in the Tarot imagery as occurring within the context of the ba
The Tree of Life
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desses of the various pantheons of the world, the Tarot, the Hebrew alphabet, and other lesser-known attr... will look at on the Tree is the placement of the Tarot. As we know the Tarot is divided into two separate groups called the Arcanas, these being the Lesser Arc... en Dawn developed this form of attribution of the Tarot to the Tree of Life. In the case of the Princes a
The Kabbalistic Tree of Life
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tional Hebrew Tree. Also a look at the use of the tarot in Qabalistic initiation. [[pathworking|Pathwork... \ by Alex Sumner\\ A discussion on the use of the tarot in working with the Tree of Life. <WRAP center b