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Path-working on the Qabalistic Tree of Life @jwmt:v1n3
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Tree of Life; and they almost always feature the Tarot Trumps heavily. This is because Path-Working, bei... ome sort of visual focus: hence the images of the Tarot Trumps are the most convenient for this purpose, ... talking about the Paths of the Tree of Life, and Tarot Card attributions, I am mainly referring to the "... e Golden Dawn attributions, his later work on the Tarot, __The Book of Thoth__ departs from this scheme i
The 32 Paths of Wisdom @jwmt:v1n3
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ast to bridge //except through the imagery of the Tarot major arcana//. By using these images, along with... with their Hebrew Tree correspondences and their Tarot Arcanum[5] (where appropriate). I've also include... e "32 Paths of Wisdom" document combined with the Tarot major arcana as our illustrated tour guide, a cog... urse. Their "proper" course is represented in the Tarot imagery as occurring within the context of the ba