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Index of Magical and Philosophical Commentaries
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Chapter I
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the Highest Crown, and the number of cards in the Tarot, Rota, the all-embracing Wheel. Hoor-paar-Kraat ... , Aleph, whose number is One, and his card in the Tarot is The Fool, numbered Zero. Aleph is attributed t... One Person. (He is shown in this full form in the Tarot Trump XV, "the Devil".)Now Zeus being lord of Air... red, are in one way or another represented in the Tarot card "The Fool".The statement in the text is, sup
Chapter II
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is not Leo, Strength, but Libra, Justice, in the Tarot. (see 777)// See Appendix. {WEH NOTE: not availa... n to the world. Note that the Atu 'Death' in the Tarot refers to Scorpio. This sign is threefold: the Sc... nflux from the Highest, and the Book of Thoth, or Tarot. We may take 'thy name' as 'the Sun,' for Qabali
Chapter III
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the close connexion between Leo and Libra in the Tarot, the numbers VIII and XI of their Trumps being in... ife. But the “fool” is still as described in the Tarot Trump. He is an epicene creature, soft and sottis