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Medieval Social Structure and Achad's Tree of Life
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d sephiroth, or indirectly through the associated Tarot cards. **Malkuth** shows an empty land, its resources untouched. **Aleph** - The Tarot card for this path shows a man wandering in the w... the materials they need to grow. The image of the Tarot card recalls the tradesman with his tools, taking... port and cohesion for the group. **Gimel** - The Tarot card for this shows a priestess with a book of kn
A Short Course in Scrying
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d with the "paths" of the Tree of Life, e.g., the Tarot trumps. These symbols have been in use for long e... a visual symbol for the path you want to explore. Tarot cards are good starting points. The cartoon-like ... rm of Air, more cosmic and less "earthy" than the Tarot suit of Swords. In the cabala, it represents both... u can view it head-on. Imagine the image from the Tarot card in the mirror, so that it completely fills t
Tables of Correspondences for the INRI / IRNI Formulas
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f Jesus, and his tables showing the appearance of Tarot imagery in Vita Merlini three centuries before the appearance of the Tarot decks in Europe. \\ **Column XXVI. -- Life of B